Another view of CANCER

Pablo Raéz the warrior

Since the beginning of this blog, I wanted to dedicate this post to someone who is having a big fight against cancer nowadays and who I admire for being a real inspiration and a symbol of the “never give up”... Continue Reading →

Food Myths related to Cancer

Probably everybody has heard some news about some common food causing cancer. However, we have to take these headlines with a pinch of salt, contrasting these resources and thinking whether they are reliable or not. Nowadays, everyone with PCs, laptops,... Continue Reading →

Could it be possible to predict metastatic cancer?

In this new post, I would like to mention a new study carried out by Spanish scientists in collaboration with several prestigious institutions like the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and Pompeu Fabra University... Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer and the Asian diet

Another kind of diet I would like to consider in this blog is the Asian diet. Probably, everyone has eaten in a Chinese, Japanese restaurant these delicious spring rolls and some pieces of sushi to check if you're able to... Continue Reading →

Skin cancer in Australia

As a third post, I want to move on from the Mediterranean diet to the other extreme on the world, Australia. It has the highest skin cancer incidence and mortality rates in the world, which is frightening! But shall we... Continue Reading →

Mediterranean diet and Cancer

As I promised in my first post, here you have the second one dedicated to the Mediterranean diet, which has a traditional and cultural meaning in these regions bathed by this Sea. I can assure you that it is something... Continue Reading →

Cancer over the world

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